About Us

We utilize restorative practices to co-design transformative outcomes!

Eloise Sepeda, D.Div

Eloise Sepeda is a child/adult survivor leader of family/domestic and sexual violence, homelessness, and poverty. Today she is a family matriarch, and national subject matter expert trainer & consultant of Restorative Justice and the Intersection of Child Welfare, Family Violence, and Race Equity. She has worked in the field of individual/family services since 1999 and received local and state-level awards for her work. She received special recognition and honor of receiving the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity in May 2018 for her 20yrs of extensive community services. She was selected to join the National Cohort- for Women of Color Leaders who are working to end violence, oppression, and legacy of trauma in 2019.

*Eloise also currently provides consultation with Futures without Violence, NCJFCJ, Ujima in addition to her existing contracts.

The restorative justice framework is a process that we (practitioners) call a lifestyle. This way of life was modeled for us through Indigenous Native and African tribes. Some tribes even call this work, "peacemaking" circles. The framework equalizes power within the circle (space) and gives everyone in the space to share, listen, contribute and even hold one another accountable. Circles have been used to build community, celebration, address harm and even plan or learn.

There are various versions of the work that have been used within the US since 1990.

We have used the authentic and traditional process since 2010 to train and support schools (k-college), educators, law enforcement, mental health professionals, court personnel, social service providers as well as community, parents, and youth/children.

The power of the circle comes from equality, equity, and diversity.

Restorative Justice

We, the community promoted a holistic approach in light of the "National 2020 awakening" to racism, systemic harm, marginalized health disparities, violence and pain of grief and so much more!

Community Members, Faith Leaders, Law Enforcement, Educators, and Service Providers began to have real conversations about the impacts of the harm and barriers to well being and healing.

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic the "circles" or space was moved to virtual settings. Hear from the video above about "WHY" each participant felt the urgency to circle up!