Faith-Based Community

Restorative Justice Training & Implementation

  • Restorative Justice Training 101

  • Indigenous Peacemaking Practices

  • Facilitation training for youth and adults

  • Participation preparation for small groups, family counseling, parent-child groups

  • Effective Community Engagement




  • Identifying red flags for Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Harassment, Child Abuse & Neglect

  • Safety Planning

  • About systems...

Partnerships &


  • Advocating for self, family and community for accountability & holistic support

  • Partnering with families to navigate systems

This work takes a village and noone knows the needs more than the village! Collaboration with community partners is vital to the work that we do to achieve overall well-being for child, families and the village that surrounds them. - Eloise Sepeda